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Rafferty's Garden Fruit Snack Bar - Blueberry, Banana & Apple 8s

Review by jessica moore Mum Group Trial

Thank you for the opportunity to trial these bars. My mums group enjoyed eating and discussing these with our children. This was the overall winning flavour between our group. When children were asked which was there favourite this one was chosen and the first flavour we ran out of . Parents enjoyed the snack size, easy to open packaging, the fact bars were not crumbly and were easy to chew regardless of age or amount of teeth. Sugar amounts were an issue with alot of parents and purchasing them again would be as an occasional snack rather then an everyday lunchbox item. This particular bar smelt and tasted like it was described.

Rafferty's Garden Fruit Snack Bar - Banana 8s

Review by jessica moore Mums Group Trial

Our mums group got the opportunity to trial the range of raffertys garden fruit snack bars. A few of us felt the banana smelt overly artificial and were surprised to see this was more pear then banana. Finn (2) really liked the Banana and this was one of his favourites. Larina wrote: I have 3 boys ranging from 3-8, all three tend to take a bite or two of these type of bars and leave them for rubbish. Your bars surprised me, all three boys have really enjoyed the bars and keep asking for more! The older ones shy off the pumpkin ones, but only because they can read! I haven't found a chance to look into the sugar content of these, but if they are priced well and not packed with sugar, I would certainly consider buying your brand. Thanks again. Talia (23 months) Would easily devour a box of these.

Rafferty's Garden Fruit Snack Bar - Apple 8s

Review by jessica moore Mums group trial

My mums group was chosen to trial Rafferty's Garden fruit snack bars. All parents agreed that they liked the softness and size of the bars. I was excited about the Apple flavour as this is always a hit with children however as soon as I open it i could smell the cinnamon and knew my daughter wasn't going to eat these bars - I was correct and found the bar still in her lunchbox at the end of the day. We tried her with this bar on 2 other occasions and she still refused to eat it. Natalie liked the portion size and thought it was a great amount for her 2 year old who could easily eat a whole one and leave no wastage. Megan said her son loved all the bar flavours equally however due to sugar content would not purchase these. One mum thought the box should say that it includes cinnamon as her youngest dislikes the taste however her older child tried all the flavours and this was his favourite of the 4 boxes. Despite no complaints from the children 80% of the mums commented on the high amount of sugar per bar and would only offer these as a treat rather then a daily lunch box item.

*Short Dated 20.6.17* Rafferty's Garden Premium Baby Food Pear & Apricot 120g pouch

Review by Jaime Franklin Delicious

My daughter demolished these in about 5 seconds. She kept wanting more. Put a little in her smoothie and she loved it :)