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Rafferty's Garden Fruit Snack Bar - Blueberry, Banana & Apple 8s

Mum Group Trial

Thank you for the opportunity to trial these bars. My mums group enjoyed eating and discussing these with our children. This was the overall winning flavour between our group. When children were asked which was there favourite this one was chosen and the first flavour we ran out of . Parents enjoyed the snack size, easy to open packaging, the fact bars were not crumbly and were easy to chew regardless of age or amount of teeth. Sugar amounts were an issue with alot of parents and purchasing them again would be as an occasional snack rather then an everyday lunchbox item. This particular bar smelt and tasted like it was described.


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New Heinz® Little Kids® toddler meals, delicious and ready to eat in under 60 seconds. No fuss, no hassle, a quick and nutritious solution for a hungry toddler.


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Go To Girls

We've teamed up with Idea Farm who want to understand New Zealand mums' thoughts and opinions about dairy products. And to say thanks for helping, they will put you in the draw to win a share of $1,000 of Prezzy Cards.


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