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About us

Like so many companies, it started with a simple idea. We wanted to choose the best brand in each category; for example Huggies nappies, Avent bottles etc.

We then made sure that our prices were an every day low price so that we could compete with retail specials and finally, we wanted to ensure that we could make this an easy, enjoyable process for busy new mums.

The convenience of having your order delivered to your door was the simple idea! Online or phone ordering would make shopping with us a cinch!

We made a point of getting mums with young babies on board as staff. It's nearly always a case of a mum talking to a mum. Just like a big coffee group for us!

It started with a kiss...

What started as an office romance turned into an award winning company.

When Kevin Smith and Pia D'Ambros met in the new millennium, they fell madly in love with each other and with the idea of becoming e-retailers. Like so many companies, it started with a simple idea - supplying nappies directly to mums at home. Pia left her job and created Nappies Direct Ltd. She started the company when she was only 27 and whilst not yet parents Kevin and Pia could see the convenience and appeal for mums to have their baby products home delivered because getting to a supermarket when you have one or more young ones can be a major undertaking.

Nappies Direct was a pioneer in the early days of online retailing setting up www.nappies.co.nz in 2002 when online retailing in New Zealand was still in its infancy.

Owners Kevin and Pia D'Ambros-Smith have since produced two gorgeous boys of their own; Leonardo and Roman; and have also grown Nappies Direct into an innovative and award winning company. It has now established itself as one of New Zealand's leading online retailers.

Here's a photo of Kevin and Pia winning the Actionmail Excellence in Marketing Award at the 2005 Westpac Enterprise North Shore Business Excellence Awards. In 2006 they won the Excellence in Service Delivery Award.